Inner Tubing

It was steamy yesterday in Corvallis. Temperature reached 109 F degrees, which is equivalent to 42.7 Celcius degrees. Amy, Steph and I decided to go inner tubing on the Willamette river. Very thrilling to me.  We parked one car at downstream and drove another one to get upstream (otherwise, we’ll have to walk upstream to get to the car after we’re done floating). As soon as I jumped into the river, I realized how scary tubing could be. Sometimes the water is so deep you can never see the bottom of it; sometimes the current is so strong especially with tail wind that you have no way to steer the tube. Luckily, during the 2 hour trip, I only got a few scratches over my legs as I passed a fallen tree hidden under the water. Whew!

4 Responses to Inner Tubing

  1. Neo说道:

    Cool! Is it you?

  2. Jane说道:

    Seems like a lot of fun. I spent the whole day in the department. What a shame! How have you been lately?

  3. Yao说道:

    to Jane: nothing much. I haven\’t see you for quite a while. What r u up 2?to NN: Nope!

  4. Jane说道:

    Someone got hurt when doing experiment. I am busy taking care of him these days. You and I should have dinner together sometime. Miss you.


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