Hawaii in the East-West

I always got confused when people in Honolulu asked me if I was from mainland, because I was wondering if they meant mainland China, or mainland the U.S. Indeed, Hawaii is where the east meets the west; where multiple languages are spoken; where people have to get used to this cultural diversity, whether you like it or not. Japanese restaurants, China town, its American history have all characterized Hawaii as being mixed, special and unique. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of Dec 7, 1941 caught Americans by surprise, just like "911" in 2001. Today, however, economic competitions have replaced the violence and are coming much stronger. I remember talking with a guy at Ala Maona bus stop who has to move to Las Vegas soon due to the fact that the housing price in Hawaii is outrageous because of the Japanese immigrants. Sorry for him, that’s the price you pay for globalization, especially on such a microcosmic island.
Sugar Cane in China Town
Newspaper on Pearl Harbor Attack
Today’s Pearl Harbor

4 Responses to Hawaii in the East-West

  1. Shannon说道:

    what is the second pic?….

  2. Fangyuan说道:

    mainland China, mainland the U.S.,两个你都符合:)

  3. Yao说道:

    to xiaoxuan: 第二张照片是珍珠港事件当天的报纸。嘎嘎~to dingding: 行,下次直接说yes!

  4. Shannon说道:



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